Type validation
You can define a type for a schema property passing a "type" parameter to it.
new Schema({ name: { type: String }})
Valid types are
  • String
  • Number (an integer or a
  • Array
  • Object
  • Boolean
  • Date(*)
  • Buffer
  • Schema.Types.Double (a float or a gcloud.datastore.double())
  • Schema.Types.GeoPoint (a gcloud.datastore.geoPoint())
  • Schema.Types.Key (an entity Key)
(*) Valid Date are javascript Date instance (callingnew Date()) or any valid string date. If a string date is provided, it will automatically be parsed as Date object when saving the entity in the Datastore.
So back to our previous example of a User Model, we would probably have something like this.
const userSchema = new Schema({
name: { type: String },
lastname: { type: String },
password: { type: String },
email: { type: String },
company: { type: Schema.Types.Key, ref: 'Company' },
votes: { type: Number },
dateOfBirth: { type: Date },
createdOn: { type: Date },
modifiedOn: { type: Date }
Note: you are not forced to set a type, if you don't define one, then any type is valid.
const userSchema = new Schema({
name: {}, // any type
email: { type: String }
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