The entities have the following properties
  • entityData. The data of the Entity.
  • entityKey. The key of the Entity.

Virtual properties

Based on the definition of the schema, virtual properties are automatically added on the Entity objects to retrieve the values from the entityData directly. This means there are two ways you can access the data of an Entity: via entity.entityData or direct on the entity itself.
For example:
const { instances } = require('gstore-node');
const gstore = intances.get('default');
const blogPostSchema = new gstore.Schema({
title: { type:'string' },
createdOn: { type:'datetime', default:gstore.defaultValues.NOW }
const BlogPost = gstore.model('BlogPost', blogPostSchema);
const data = {
title : 'My first blog post'
const blogPost = new BlogPost(data);
// Getter
// Logs the same value 'My first blog post'
// Setter
blogPostEntity.title = 'My second blog post'; // blogPostEntity.entityData.title is also changed
blogPostEntity.entityData.title = 'My third blog post'; // blogPostEntity.title is also changed
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